Abdan Faraz Consulting Engineers Company (AFCE) was established in 1998 with the aim of providing professional and executive technical services in the design and management of water resources projects. After more than twenty years of active presence of Abdan Faraz Company in Water Resources Projects in Iran The company (AFCE) has gained professional experience in providing appropriate solutions to water industry issues, including the selection of appropriate locations and axes of projects, as well as the study, design and monitoring of a large number of projects Is.

AFCE company is involved in providing technical services to projects with more than 250 engineers and technicians, and recently, by establishing a close relationship between professional partners at the national and international levels, has improved the technical and scientific quality of its professional engineers in providing engineering services. Has done in the following areas so that the company can achieve optimal goals.
• Carrying out different stages of studies of water resources development plans, regulation, storage, supply and transfer of water, surface and groundwater resources for various uses
• Performing various stages of flood control studies and artificial feeding
• Carrying out studies of irrigation and drainage networks
• Carrying out studies on transmission, storage, treatment and distribution networks of drinking water and industry
• Conducting studies on wastewater collection networks and wastewater treatment plants
• Performing various stages of technical supervision and control and implementation of projects

Our behavior in the past has been such that the company’s technical culture is based on overtaking and committing to values ​​such as honesty, respect, innovation and exemplary implementation as technical values ​​in the two decades of the company.

Since the beginning of the company in 1998, this company has been ranked as one of the quality engineering companies in the country by the Management and Planning Organization of the country. Recently, it has been qualified by the same organization in the following sections by obtaining a certificate of consulting services Is.
• The basis of a dam construction specialty
• The basis of an irrigation and drainage specialty
• The basis of a specialty of water and sewage facilities
• Basic three road construction specialties