water supply from Azadi Dam to Islamabad and Kerned coties Project Details:

Main Components Specifications
Azadi Dam Reservoir Type:Rockfill Dam
Height From Foundation:64M
Storage Reservoir:70.5 MCM
Intake Tower Depth:37M
Maximum discharge:730Lit/s
Pumping Height:300M
The Pipeline the Equilibrium Tank Length:8.2km
Tipe Type:Steel
Hipe Dia:900mm
Maximum Discharge:730Lit/s
The Equilibrium Tank Elevation:1560Masl
The Transmission System from The Equilibrium Tank to Islamabad Pipe Line:55.9km(Dia:1000.900 and 700mm)
Tunnel Length:2600M
Tunnel Shape:Modified Horseshoe
Tunnel Diameter:3.7M
The Transmission system from 41.7km to Kerend City Pipeline Length:23.4Km
Steel Pipe Diameter:300mm