Dirreh wier to zagros off stream reservior

Water transmission from Dirreh wier to zagros off stream reservior Project Details:Main ComponentsSpecificationsDirreh WeirRiver bed elevation:713Maslopee Spillway Length:52mSpillway Crest Elevation:719.5MaslWeir Height:5.3MThe Conveyance CanalDischarge:15 m2/sLength:3600MShape:Trapezzidal and RectanglarThe Conveyance TunnelTunnel Length:2845MShape:Modified horseshoe FinalDiameter:3.7MDischarage capacity:15 m2/sWater transmission from Dirreh wier to zagros off… Read More

Azadi Dam to Islamabad and Kerned coties

water supply from Azadi Dam to Islamabad and Kerned coties Project Details:Main ComponentsSpecificationsAzadi Dam ReservoirType:Rockfill DamHeight From Foundation:64MStorage Reservoir:70.5 MCMNwl:1306MaslIntake TowerDepth:37MDiameer:12MMaximum discharge:730Lit/sPumping Height:300MThe Pipeline the Equilibrium TankLength:8.2kmTipe Type:SteelHipe Dia:900mmMaximum Discharge:730Lit/sThe Equilibrium TankElevation:1560MaslVolume:10000M3The Transmission System from The Equilibrium Tank to IslamabadPipe… Read More

Kangavar City

Kangavar City Project Details:ProjectDomestic and  Industrial  Water Supply of Kangavar City ClientKermanshah Province  Regional Water CompanyLocationKangavar, KermanshahPurposeProviding 8.7  MCM Drinking  and Industrial Water Kangavar CityMain ComponentsTransmission Sys                        Water Treatment PlantWater Supply ResourceAnahita DamPressure Supply SourceGravitationalDischarege340 Lit/SecStatusIn Construction

Basht Area

 Basht Area Project Details:ProjectDomestic, Industrial and Agricultural Water Supply of Basht AreaClientKohgiluyeh and Bouyer Ahmad  Province Regional Water CompanyLocationBasht, Kohgiluyeh and Bouyer AhmadPurposeProviding  26.8  MCM/ Year of  Drinking, Industrial and Agricultural water for Bash Area Main ComponentsBash Diversion Dam, Domestic and… Read More


 Toyserkan Project Details:ProjectDomestic Water Supply Of ToyserkanClientHamedan Province  Regional Water CompanyLocationToyserkan , HamedanPurposeProviding 7 MCM Drinking Water For Toyserkan AreaMain ComponentsTransmission Sys                        Water Treatment PlantWater Supply ResourceSarabi DamPressure Supply SourceMainly GravitationalDischarege330 Lit/SecStatusOperational


Khorramabad Project Details:ProjectDomestic And Industrial Water Supply of Khorramabad CityClientLorestan Province Regional Water CompanyLocationKhorramabad, LorestanPurposeProviding 60 MCM Water for Domestic and Industrial UsesMain ComponentsKakareza Diversion Dam, Tunnel , Makhmal Kuh Dam and Conveyance SystemsWater Supply ResourceKakareza RiverPressure Supply SourceGravitationalDischarege1830 Lit/SecStatusPartly… Read More


Javanroud Project Details:ProjectLong Term Water Supply  for JavanroudClientKermanshah Province Regional Water CompanyLocationJavanroud, KermanshahPurposeProviding  4.86 MCM/ Year of  Drinking Water For JavanroudMain ComponentsWater Supply wells      Transmission SysWater Supply ResourceAlluvial WellsPressure Supply SourcePump StationDischarege162 Lit/SecStatusOperational


Paveh Project Detail:ProjectLong Term Water Supply for PaevehClientKermanshah Province Regional Water CompanyLocationPaveh, KermanshahPurposeProviding Paveh Domestic WaterMain ComponentsWater Supply wells        Transmission SysWater Supply ResourceKarstic WellsPressure Supply SourcePump StationDischarege80 Lit/SecStatusOperational